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PSY – Gangnam Style (Afrojack Remix) (Preview)

You knew it was inevitable. An Afrojack remix of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’. With the original video rapidly approaching 800 MILLION views on Youtube, it’s a miracle there haven’t already been just as many remixes. However according to Afrojack, PSY commissioned the dirty dutch titan to be the exclusive remixer of the international viral sensation.

In recent sets we’ve been hearing Afrojack drop the infamous ‘Gangnam Style’ vocals, but there was some speculation as to whether this was just a temporary bootleg he was teasing. However about 20 seconds into the video below, you can hear the towering producer confirm that this is indeed a snippet of the official remix. Though the original had some dutch house elements, Afrojack has stripped the track to its bare lyrics, replacing the instrumental with an explosive new version that is going to destroy crowds ever larger than PSY’s used to… maybe.

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