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Redlight – Lost In Your Love (Benzi & Aylen Remix)

Benzi and Aylen go Rodman on Redlight’s 90’s-styled house track “Lost In Your Love”. The remix flips the house dance track into a raging trap inferno, wild enough to make Dennis Rodman proud.

Benzi and Aylen play so smoothly off the original snare build-up that it would be hard to peg this a remix without knowing the original. Having said that, Benzi and Aylen’s version parties far harder even if it’s not quite as amazing.

I’m not sure this will propel Benzi and/or Aylen to Rodman-like stardom, but it certainly gets them closer.

If you’re feelin’ this remix, Benzi’s GIRL|TRAPZ Volume Two mixtape drops November 29th, and in the meantime you can download this track for free via Soundcloud.

Also, if you missed it, check out the awesome original music video.

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