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David Guetta Wins An AMA

Former Capitol Records EDM posterboy David Guetta won an award last night in the Electronic Music category at the American Music Awards. Considering Guetta has worked with heavy hitting pop artists like Usher, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, (the style of music the award ceremony featured) it is not surprising that Guetta won here. Musically speaking from a production standpoint it is difficult for me to see how he beat fellow EDM AMA award nominees Skrillex and Calvin Harris but taken from the perspective of the AMA’s he is a much more friendly face for the pop music demographic to associate with.

With that said, let’s put this into perspective: for a 44-year-old man with a wife and kid this is a huge accomplishment. The fact that Guetta still has the time to put out music that can compete with younger guys without families to attend to like Skrillex and Calvin Harris is amazing and deserves its own praise. He may not be doing anything “groundbreaking” production-wise but give this guy a little slack here. What people forget is that David Guetta has been around since the 1980s and was a major player in the US opening up to mainstream electronic music (for better or for worse). Although his current direction may seem phony to EDM purists, it is ignorant to deny that Guetta is one of the most important figures in the electronic music world.

Some may object to Guetta beating Sonny and Calvin but I think he deserves it and it makes perfect sense for this award ceremony. Heavily televised award ceremonies like this one are simply publicity stunts designed to market big label music radio anyway (of which Guetta makes), so those who object to the AMA’s decision should stop complaining and see the music business world for what it really is. Any awards for EDM artists are good promotion for the genre as a whole and we as a community of EDM lovers should embrace that for what it is.

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