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Clockwork- Titan Remix EP

Clockwork’s monstrous Titan EP has returned with a new set of remixes from some Congorock, GTA, Moska, The Partysquad and remix contest winners Coyote Kisses. Each producer does an amazing job of  contributing something new. Moska completely rewrites the drop of ‘Titan’, while The Partysquad contribute their “signature badman rave style of gabber, dutch and electro.”

Well-deserving contest winners Coyote Kisses produced the ever-necessary trap remix, which will send crowds into a orgiastic frenzy and Congorock’s ‘Safari Edit’ is just amazing. Lastly, GTA (Van Toth + JWLS) go in on Titan’s second track, ‘BBBS’, turning it into  a whole new beast, with a lunatic rhythm and some unforgettable lead synths.

Stream these titanic remixes below. You can purchase the entire EP today on iTunes.

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