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Above & Beyond – Group Therapy Radio

Above and Beyond’s massive dance parties in historic venues and cities around the world incubate a global sentiment of peace, love, unity, and respect amongst fans.  The 2012 Group Therapy Tour proved that Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamaki, who have been at the forefront of progressive house and trance production since 1999, still hold their titles as electronic dance music gurus.  Though their style has stayed consistent with the early UK rave scene, their following has grown exponentially, especially through social media, which has allowed the trio to develop close involvement with fans worldwide.

Of course, nearly every artist and DJ works on their virtual presence via typical routes like Facebook, Instagram, and Mixcloud, but Above and Beyond is doing much more to make their good vibes accessible to the public.  While A&E have certainly been featured on and created their own podcasts in the past, there are few artists who offer the same caliber programming as the new Group Therapy radio.  Whether one listens via free, live stream or downloadable podcast, an internet enabled device is all it takes to access Above & Beyond’s miraculous world of shining trance and house.

The radio show, which often features music from artists on Above & Beyond’s record label, Anjunabeats, broadcasts live sets from performances around the world, guest DJ sets, interviews from prominent DJs, and occasional giveaways. The first Group Therapy stream kicked off at a show in Bangalore, India on November 10th, while the following radio show on November 16th, included a guest set from DJ Magazine’s number one DJ of the year, Armin Van Buuren. Smooth, pulsating progressive house beats from Anjunabeats artists like Matt Zo, Arty, and Jaytech, as well as legends like Kaskade and Cosmic Gate comprise most of the radio show’s programming.

Responding to their fans’ demand, whether it be through touring or releasing quality, free music on a regular basis, is what has helped Above & Beyond develop their status as superstar DJs.  Above & Beyond continue to succeed by reading and working the room, no matter how large or diverse the crowd gets.  Stay tuned to their facebook and twitter accounts for more information on the next live stream and for information on downloading Group Therapy radio.

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