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Flight Facilities – “Clair De Lune”

A slow, woeful throbbing of base and distorted female vocal indicate that Flight Facilities’ latest release, “Clair De Lune”, is a lucid departure from their previous sultry disco tracks.  The cold beats from the Australian duo are complemented well by Christine Hoberg’s warm voice, evoking an existential sadness that almost anyone could relate to.  A persistent synth twinkles throughout the entirety of the song, guiding the listener from what starts as a slow, anxious ticking, and morphs into a more hopeful, vibrant electronic symphony.

As difficult as it may be for any music producer to capture the sound of moonlight, Clair De Lune lives up to its name with unique string and xylophone sounds that echo around somber string vibrations.  The celestial track is out now on Glassnote Records with a limited edition record to be released soon.

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