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Lifelike & A-Trak – Don’t Stop (Original Club Mix)

Over the years, I’ve really come to respect the versatility A-Trak has exuded with his original productions and collaborations. From hip-hop/house mashups to filter house remixes, there isn’t a genre the guy can’t produce incredibly well. While one could say that the lack of specialization or focus for an artist’s “sound” or brand is a bad thing, A-Trak traverses genres in such a unique way that causes listeners to recognize his sound immediately and appreciate whatever direction he heads with each track. Even in collaborations like this, with the track’s sound being so characteristic of Lifelike‘s incredible music, there are elements to the track that are undeniably A-Trak’s. He’s a DJ in the purest sense possible — from winning DMC championships as a kid to landing #21 in Rolling Stone’s EDM-centred list of ‘The DJ’s That Rule The Earth’ — and it’s truly starting to present itself in his music.

Don’t Stop (Original Club Mix)‘ is yet another foray into uncharted A-Trak territory, but at least we’ve come to expect the unexpected from such a talented producer. With bright and funky 80s synth chords, real-time performed filter sweeps, and turntable scratches of “Don’t Stop,” the mixture of styles and genres of this track is something to listen to. Be sure to check out the full track preview below…

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