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Dosem – A Modern Ritual / From The Edge

A new wave of electronic music has arrived and it was brought forth by one DJ, Dosem. The extremely talented producer from Spain has an extraordinary ear for EDM and has mastered the production process. His funky style is a blend of tech house, techno, and progressive all in one genre. This week, he serves us a juicy package full of swing and good vibes with A Modern Ritual / From The Edge EP. It was released off Christian Smith’s, a good friend of Dosem, legendary record label Tronic. The label focuses its music on strong basslines and melodic sounds to boost the good vibes.

The first track on this EP is A Modern Ritual. It consists of a fun bassline and a super clean kick. The claps and percussion added in set the tone and give the proper title of “chugger” to the production. It is an absolutely feel-good track that will make you dance, even if its 6 in the morning.

The next track on the release is From The Edge. This disco bomb consists of a simple beat but a complex style. The swift percussion along with the flangery synths really make this track an extreme killer and will get any audience to groove. This epic release is available on Beatport. Go pick it up today and start bumpin the tunes!

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