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Cazzette – Eject Pt. 1

Today, Cazzette premiered their debut album Eject exclusively on Spotify. This is the first of three installments of the Eject album, which will be released, “roughly a month apart by using one of Spotify’s key features, the ability to update playlists that listeners subscribe to. The duo, Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund, will also have a Spotify app featuring videos and other media. More important, borrowing a trick from Apple’s iTunes store, Spotify plans to promote Cazzette on its landing page.” Speaking about this nontraditional distribution method, Alexander explained:

Our own app will be connected to Twitter and Facebook and will contain lots of extra material like artwork. We might also add extra content in there such as live sets… All in all it’s more convenient using Spotify for this than putting it out on iTunes. Here we can stay active and can add tracks all the time…We have a certain amount of tracks done, so we never know what we will end up with. We can grow with the album… Album sales are secondary…Of course, the promotion will reflect album sales, but that’s not the main reason we’re doing this. Accessibility and exposure is more important for us, as opposed to selling as many CDs as possible.

Though much of the initial reactions will be focused on this marketing technique, the album itself is audible proof that the tape-deck duo is finally ready to stop serving as the opening act. In addition to the previously-released, arena-crushing ‘Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)’, Eject Pt. 1 offers five fully-loaded electro cannons. ‘On The Road (Master Intro)’ is an rocketing primer that gets you ready for the rest of the EP, while ‘The Rat’ is a filthy, merciless banger. ‘Run For Cover’ switches things up with some half-time rhythms and complextro arrangements, whereas ‘Hit Da Face’ contains a strong house influence including a very Daft Punk-esque vocoder.

There’s been a lot of anticipation behind this album and I’m happy to say that it delivers on all counts.

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