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Mark Fanciulli – Cutoff EP

There appears to be a new trend in dance music for reintroducing classic house styles of the mid-to-late 80s and adding a 21st century cutting edge twist to them. Mark Fanciulli does just that (and does it well) with the unleashing of his brand new EP entitled ‘Cutoff‘. As only the third official release in his catalogue, Mark Fanciulli’s raw talent seems to have come out of nowhere, and his popularity is escalating quickly. I’m really excited to hear more releases from this emerging 25-year-old talent from Maidstone, England.

The title track ‘Cutoff‘ uses a slew of pitched down vocal samples and quirky drum programing to create a heavily percussive medley of sounds from a myriad of house genres. The second track “Body 2 Body” revisits the sounds of “jacking” house and old school techno to create a bedding for his intricately structured Tech House soundscape. The result is a left-field composite of both new and old sounds that could potentially pave the way for a new avenue in Tech House and dance music in general. As much as it’s fun to listen to the newest sounds and synthesizer presents from the youngest artists, sometimes it’s equally as fun to revisit the roots of the genre in an attempt to give it new meaning. Further down the evolutionary road of dance music, I think artists will begin to implement more sampling of old house tracks, and will rely slightly less on sound design to get their fans excited. While it’s not the first time an artist has sampled classic house music, Mark Fanciulli does it in a way that makes it sound incredibly unique and exciting. Have a listen to the previews below, and make sure to purchase the EP on Beatport if you’re digging these old school vibes as much as I am!

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