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Richard Knott – Locus Solus (Original Mix)

Richard Knott has just released an epic progressive house tune on Pryda Friends, a subsidiary label belonging to Eric Prydz! Entitled ‘Locus Solus‘, the track is based off of the 1914 French novel by Raymond Russel, which recounts the story of a well-known scientist and inventor who shows a group of house-guests his overwhelmingly complex and unusual inventions. As one listens to the track, it’s easy to see the connection between some of the sounds and the overall mood that might be felt from the novel.

Packed with futuristic 80s synth sounds, heavy hitting drums, and a delicate sprawling of ethereal pad textures, Richard Knott’s new track is a wonderful addition to the already fantastic Pryda Friends catalogue. Rather than simply relying on the standard bell-curve arrangement structure used in most dance music, ‘Locus Solus’ tends to meander through different movements and progressions that make listeners think they’re entering different parts of a story. Whether this was Richard Knott’s intention is unknown, but it is a fabulous track and definitely worth checking out. ‘Locus Solus’ is available on Beatport if you’re liking the preview!

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