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Proxy – Shut Up! (GTRONIC Remix)

GTRONIC’s remix of Proxy’s single ‘Shut Up!’ is one of the darkest songs I’ve heard. If you’re a fan of new-wave techno producers like Gesaffelsteinthen you’re going to love everything about this.

Dark, violent, and maniacal, GTRONIC’s savage make-over has mutated ‘Shut Up!’ into the hair-raising beast it was meant to be. It’s simplistic but decisively precise arrangement will manhandle you from start to finish.

Bust out the pre-prohibition 4LOKO, lock yourself in a concrete garage, and tape your hands up because this bruiser is going to give you a serious dose of that techno rage.

Also make sure to check out Proxy’s full-length LP Music From The Eastbloc Jungles, Pt. 1, which came out this week on Beatport via Dim Mak.

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