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Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher) – Hard Rock Sofa, Matisse & Sadko, Swanky Tunes

One part Hard Rock Sofa, one part Swanky Tunes, and one part Matisse & Sadko makes an electro-chemical compound that is destined to blow up. We’ve seen collaborations back and forth between these producers, but never all on one track together. But now, the stars have aligned and all three groups have come together to create ‘Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher)’.

Those familiar with the sounds of each artist will find distinct traits of their production littered all over this ripping electro tune. There are gritty basslines, euphoric 90s trance leads, sternum-thumping kicks and every time you think it’s about to slow down, they just ‘turn the flame higher’ for an even more gigantic drop.

Grab this huge collaboration on Beatport.

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