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Tommy Trash – Truffle Pig (Original Mix)

Truffle Pig?! While the reasoning behind the track’s title is hard to pin down, what we do know is that Tommy Trash’s is unstoppable right now. His newest record (out now on Fool’s Gold Records) is yet another amazing electro house gem from the increasingly popular Australian producer.

‘Truffle Pig’ starts off with a buildup of old school house vocal samples along with a somewhat silky yet driving array of bass and phased synth chords. What follows is a heavy bass drum drop with a reintroduction of the “Oh Yeah” sample in the introduction. The minimal nature of the drop is something new for Trash, who typically loads his tracks with huge mid-range leads. However, the end result is no less amazing and I almost prefer this slightly constricted tone to some of his other productions. I’ve definitely been getting more into Tommy Trash’s music lately, and this release drove it home for me. Check out the track preview below, make sure to buy the track on Beatport if you’re feeling the same way!

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