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Mario Ochoa – Release Me

It’s time for some tech with a brand new release off 2000 & One’s massive record label, BittenMario Ochoa kicks off November with a funk filled EP called Release Me.

The first track, ‘Release Me’, hits the dance-floors hard with a fun and creative bassline. Combining rolling hi-hats and smooth, punchy claps, Mario really manifests his talent for producing such poppin’ Tech House. He is able to show another musical side of him with the use of an epic piano riff that is made for peak time. This track is truly a bomb and will set some standards.

The next track on the release, ‘I Don’t Know’, is a super techy jam with all sorts of jungley percussion and wooden block sounds. This track comes packed with all the elements of a perfect tech track and more. Mario Ochoa really hits the nail on the head with this entire release and will definitely be back for more. Pick this juicy package up on Beatport today and start bumpin the TECH!

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