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Spin The Vote

At I Can Give You House, we’re here to “Give You House”, not politics. However, regardless of your partisan beliefs and political loyalties, we would encourage you, with the presidential election just under two weeks away, to get out there and vote. All online registration is now over, but many cities have on-site registration booths for you to make sure you get your vote in. There’s a lot of good support going on within the EDM community to get everyone involved in deciding our collective future.

Notably, last March Insomniac and Rock The Vote teamed up with some of the biggest electronic music artists for Spin The Vote in order to, “inspire our EDM community with a special call-to-action: it’s time to dance for democracy!” The massive, youth-based audience for EDM has amazing political potential, so it’s important for all of us to participate in the democratic process to determine our collective future. Go to www.spinthevote.org for more news and information on the upcoming election. Most importantly, make sure to vote on Novemeber 6th!

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