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Ricardo Villalobos – Dependent And Happy

In a world where digital singles rule the marketplace, and the idea of listening to any extended piece of music longer than 50 minutes has become more or less unheard of, Ricardo Villalobos‘s new album ‘Dependent And Happy’ defies the current model of released music and sticks to the tried and true principles of the past. At a refreshingly long 79 minutes in length, the album takes the listener on a minimal techno journey to remind us of the somewhat forgotten art and beauty of the “full album.”

With his first album release in four years, minimal techno pioneer Ricardo Villalobos is refusing to digitally release the tracks he has worked so hard to produce, instead insisting the album only be put out on 5xLP vinyl and CD. As a DJ/Producer known for his artistic and “audiophiliac” inclinations, this makes perfect sense. Vinyl is favored among audio enthusiasts as the better format to listen to music, and the limitations vinyl presents for “skipping around” from track to track ultimately provide a more holistic musical experience for the listener. The listener hears the tracks in the order in which they were intended, therefore being exposed to a greater depth of the artist’s vision. The decision for Ricardo to release his music on a mixed CD as perhaps equally as important, as the listener is aware of the album’s correct track order while also being able to purchase the work in a more accessible format.

Released on the Berlin-based Perlon imprint, this album sticks out from others I’ve heard. Each track is immensely intricate in its own unique way, sometimes rejecting the standard four on the floor house beat to create strange rhythms of its own. The tracks seamlessly transition into each other in a way that makes the album seem like a giant weave of complex sonic environments. While this music may initially be hard to swallow for the listener who is not yet acquainted with minimal techno, I highly recommend taking a listen to some of the track previews below…

Please support Ricardo Villalobos by purchasing his brand new album on Amazon! Both vinyl and CD versions are available!

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