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Coyote Kisses Takeover

The next big thing in the EDM world (Mark my words….) is the mind-blowing duo Coyote Kisses.  I have had the fortune of knowing about Coyote Kisses for quite some time and their continued progress never ceases to amaze me.

Coyote Kisses is made up of two college students (Bryce and Joe) currently living in Lexington Virginia.  What makes their music so unique is their extensive musical backgrounds.  Bryce is a skilled, classically trained pianist and Joe is an incredible guitarist and vocalist.  Together, they teamed up and started an electro-pop/indie rock project.  They began producing in garageband using Bryce’s Korg Synth and Joe’s acoustic guitar/vox.  Over time, this project evolved into what we now know as Coyote Kisses.

Their sound and genre is hard to classify, however they have been quoted to be influenced by the likings of Justice, Boys Noize, Danger, Teenage Bad Girl, Sebastian, The Toxic Avenger, Wolfgang Gartner, and most recently Feed Me and Madeon.  Their EP, Acid Wolfpack, was released to Beatport back in February to overwhelming success.  Their claim to fame track entitled “Acid Wolfpack” reached #2 on the Beatport Dubstep Top 100 before it was moved to the Glitch-Hop section where it quickly hit #1.  The Acid Wolfpack EP also included their Nu Disco track called “Galatic Love Song”.   Additionally, they simultaneously released their remix of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know”.  “Galatic Love Song” in particular is prime example of the musical range of this duo.  Their ability to effortlessly create variation and move between genres with ease is beyond what I have ever seen any EDM artist accomplish.  A quick listen through the Acid Wolfpack EP will confirm this testament.

Recently, Coyote Kisses were personally contacted by Carly Rae Jepsen to produce a remix to her Billboard sensation “Call Me Maybe”.  Their rendition makes this pop song a dynamic and catchy track full of electro banging synths.  Coyote Kisses also released a remix of the infamous Star Wars classic “Binary Suns” back in January that met with incredible feedback across what I like to call, the “blogosphere”.

Coyote Kisses is quickly becoming the next big thing in EDM.  I will continue to be closely monitoring their rise and I suggest everyone join the ride as well.

Please support this duo by purchasing the Acid Wolfpack EP from Beatport.

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