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Dillon Francis and Doorly: A Double Feature Review

ICGYH welcomes guest writer Mark Plachowski for this article:

As a Los Angeles native I have been to a lot of shows, clubs, festivals and raves, but I have never been so impressed with a venue and its consistency, as well as the talent they routinely bring to their stage. So I felt it was my duty to inform the masses.

The folks over at Dim Mak Studios have been putting on a show at Cinespace in Hollywood that has just been blowing me away. Week after week they manage to bring us just the right balance of amateur and headline acts that leave me more informed on the edm scene every time I catch a show there. It’s unique and beautiful in its simplicity. No frills here, everything you need and nothing you don’t. Sure, they don’t have confetti explosions, or super duper laser beams, but that’s what I like about it. You walk up the stairs and feel like you’re part of a select few, even at full capacity, that are lucky enough to be witness to the dankness. Armed with only a projector screen and a disco ball, along with a few colored lights, they have no problem melting even the most hardcore of ravers. Trust me. I know.

For the last two weeks I’ve had the privilege to go and take photos and video of two of my favorite artists at the moment, as well as some truly awesome up and coming DJ’s definitely worth putting on your radar. The first week I had the pleasure of catching Krewella, Big Chocolate, Helicopter Showdown and quite possibly the first dubstep/dnb DJ I ever followed DOORLY. (It’s hard to keep track of these things, ok? Lol.) It was a dream come true. As I stood there on stage catching shots of him scratching and mixing from behind his back and with his face. Yes, he put his face on the mixer and scratched with it. I couldn’t help but feel complete. Like things were coming full circle, and I was exactly where I was supposed to be at the moment in time. It was one of the more epic and intimate moments of my musical life.

The next week I returned to capture DirtyRock, Bones and the King of moombahton, Dillon Francis. Needless to say it was INCERDIBLE! Both DirtyRock and Bones rocked the decks and impressed the hell out of me. Both those guys are definitely DJ’s to watch out for and super chill to boot! They got the house more than ready for Dillon to rip a hole into the space-time continuum, which he definably did. GAH I can’t even describe it to you it was one for the record books for sure!! I got there early determined not to miss out on any fun and take advantage of the free vodka bar from 9-10pm. After getting nice and toasty I settled in and enjoyed one hell of a ride.

I urge you all to set aside EVERY TUESDAY for Dim Mak Studios I know I will be. Tickets are be available at www.dimmakrecs.com and presales are usually around $10-$15. I DARE you to complain about that.

I’d like to thank all the guys over at Dim Mak Studios for letting me take pictures. I hope to again in the future, if they let me :) as well as the actually chill (yet firm) security persons that kept things in line, and who could forget the bartenders who in my opinion do not skimp on the alcohol.

Check out Dillon “Ripping a Hole in the Space Time Continuum”

And get “A Little Facetime with Doorly”

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