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Moombahton Monday ft. Dillon Francis

It’s about time we had a Dillon Francis feature on Moombahton Mondays. He’s been arguably the most talked about producer of the genre since its inception. My first exposure to moombahton actually came when I heard “Masta Blasta” on Radio 1 with Annie Mac almost a year ago. Since then the young Los Angeleno has put out a spectacular list of originals and remixes, my favorites including “Que Que”, and his remixes for Kill The Noise, CSS, and Chase & Status. Last week, Dillon Francis dropped his newest EP, “Something, Something, Awesome” on none other than OWSLA. Overall, it definitely isn’t the most groundbreaking work he’s put out, but it’s still worth a listen for every moombahton lover out there.

First off the EP is “Falling Up.” This track has got a great bounce to it and I love the piano breakdowns, which Dillon mentioned were inspired by Skrillex’s track “Ruffneck (Full Flex).Second up to bat is “Now Hear This”, my personal favorite as it is a much heavier onslaught of squeaking Dutch synths and skin-peeling basslines. “Dill The Noise” wraps up the album and is unfortunately where I think everything falls flat. I hear almost no contribution from Kill The Noise in this piece. It’s like he wasn’t involved at all. In fact, for awhile I thought everything could have been confused and the collaboration had been on “Now Hear This,” which sounds much more like what I would’ve imagined from both producers. This track just didn’t bring anything new to the table. I feel like I’ve heard every fragment of that song in other tracks he’s produced. Listen for yourself and see what you think. As a nice gift however, Dillon did release a free VIP of his thumper “IGAFOS” the day that “Something, Something, Awesome” was released.

So a marvelous Moombahton Monday to you all! Support Dillon Francis and get his new EP on Beatport and get the VIP below!

[like-to-dl theme=”blue” url=”http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/0fwvob4lckxp/IDGAFOS_2.0.mp3″ like_url=”http://www.icangiveyouhouse.com/2012/02/20/moombahton-monday-ft-dillon-francis-awesome-ep/” message=”Click LIKE to download this song”]


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