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Moombahton Monday ft. Nick Thayer

The sheer amount of awesome music coming out on OWSLA is baffling. In just 6 short months, the infant label has released records by KOAN Sound, Zedd, The M MachinePorter Robinson, Skream, Kill The Noise, and the now 3x Grammy award winning label-owner, Skrillex. The newest member to join Skrillex’s bastion of bass music and the feature of this week’s Moombahton Monday is Nick Thayer and the title track off his massive 10-track LP, ‘Like Boom’. I had never heard anything from the Australian producer prior to this release and I have to say, I was more than impressed with the entire album, but especially ‘Like Boom’ and Thayer’s remix.

The original is a straight hip-hop joint, which is a very unconventional move in the edm world, especially to open an album. Thayer’s remix keeps the same vibe as the original, but adds a ridiculously groovy moombahcore drop. I’m so excited to see a new artist taking on 108-110 bpm music so directly. Over half of ‘Like Boom’ falls into the moombahton/core/110 bpm category. I highly recommend giving the entire album a listen. Each record has been intricately engineered and brings something completely fresh to what’s out there right now.

Be a bawss and support original talent by buying Nick Thayer’s album on Beatport

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