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Why B Less When You Can B More??

The title says it all: why B Less when you can B More? Bart B More that is. His style is inimitable and he’s got bangers for days. I mean, when its EDC 2010 and someone asks you who you’re looking forward to seeing the most and you answer “Bart B More“, it says a lot about him as an artist. Especially considering the insane amount of talent packed into those two days at Exposition Park. So yes, I was there at the Cosmic Meadow rocking the fuck out to the Bart. Needless to say, the man knows how to throw down… hard. When he dropped his remix of Crookers“No Security”, I pretty much lost my shit. I’d give anything to re-live the magic.

Bart was one of the biggest musical influences in the early days of my DJ career. At one point I actually “mixed” together a little something that consisted solely of three of Bart’s songs, and had the audacity to call it a “minimix”. I shit you not, apologies to anyone who actually listened to that, my mixing was atrocious for a great many moons. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to celebrate Bart, and hopefully you are too. Most recently i’ve been all about “Traction”. It came out in late May, and I haven’t stopped playing it. Also of note is “Bodywork”, the brand new one from Bart B More and Tommie Sunshine (thanks to Stereothief for giving us the heads up on this one). The following tracks are what I consider to be the essentials of Bart’s music. Don’t know all the songs? Familiarize yourself, and give Bart B More the nice home he deserves in your iTunes library (…when you buy his songs on Beatport).

Bodywork (Original Mix)- Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine

Traction (Club Mix)- Bart B More

No Security (Bart B More Remix)- Crookers ft. Kelis

Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)- Drop The Lime

Brap (Original Mix)- Bart B More

Good As My Love (Bart B More Secured Refix)- L.B.G

Don’t Stop The Music (Original Mix)- Bart B More

Sunstruck (Bart B More Remix)- Starski


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