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A few weeks ago, my 15 year old brother summoned me into his bass chamber. “Come listen to the new Nero! It’s on Zane Lowe right now!” he proclaimed. Naturally, I rushed into the room for several reasons. For one, because I obviously  trust Zane Lowe‘s judgement in music, secondly because Nero is the shit, and lastly because I would never turn down the opportunity to jam with my favorite protege. That was the first time I heard “Promises”.

Flash forward a few weeks, and surprise, i’m still rocking out to “Promises”, which as it turns out, is the brainchild of both Nero and Sub Focus. Totally worthy of the hype. But then again, what Nero song  isn’t? In addition to the original, we have some tasty remixes from some heavy hitters, namely Calvin Harris and Skrillex. All I have to say is, these two need no introduction, and they live up to their names with their “Promises” remixes. So sit back and enjoy some bass-y goodness courtesy of Nero and friends. Oh, and one last thing- the vocals are absolutely infectious, and this song will get stuck in your head. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

Promises (Original)-Nero ft. Sub Focus

Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)- Nero ft. Sub Focus

Promises (Calvin Harris Remix)- Nero ft. Sub Focus

And as a bonus I am giving you “New Life”, also off the “Promises” EP. It’s been getting kind of overshadowed by “Promises”, but let me tell you, “New Life” is amazing and different. Don’t sleep on this one.

New Life(Original)- Nero

Support Nero by buying their “Promises” EP on Itunes directly from this link, or on Beatport.

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