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EXCLUSIVE: SHM // Miami Music Week 2011 Video Recap through the eyes of Buddhatron and Chris Roman

Andrew Silberstein

Masquerade Motel - Swedish House Mafia - Miami Music Week 2011 - Buddhatron, Chris Roman

I Can Give You House is proud to present a fine piece of film art from visual artists Buddhatron (Brooklyn, NY) and Chris Roman (France). The duo linked up serendipitously at Swedish House Mafia‘s now-infamous Masquerade Motel event this past March and have since spent time working on a compilation clip of their footage from both the event as well as the overarching Miami Music Week.

Whether you were in attendance or not, you can appreciate this video as it captures the massive Miami Music Week that changed many of our lives. Here’s what Buddhatron had to say about the event:

I was amazed security let me bring my camera through the general admission entrance. I maneuvered into the center of the crowd, and set up a wide shot of the stage.  I wanted to capture as much of the stage as possible. When the concert began, I noticed a similar cameraman in the front row shooting and immediately thought, we must join forces to intercut our footage from multiple angles!  I was thrilled with my footage and could only imagine what he had gotten from the front row. When the show ended it was seemingly impossible to navigate the rolling waves of people to find the phantom cameraman. Disappointed I stared to head back to Ocean Drive to put my camera back in the car. Not two minutes later, I noticed a young Frenchman sitting on the curb hunched over his camera reviewing footage from the show.  It was him, I knew it.  I introduced myself and told him that it was our fate to edit this project together. He explained to me that he was working on a larger project to capsulate Miami Music week building up to the Masquerade Motel.  He had shot a few pool parties and a slew of other concerts and events. Perfect, I thought, I could help with something even larger then I had imagined.  We exchanged cards and he told me to get in touch when I got back to my studio in Brooklyn. I sent him an email a few days later he said he would be in the city in a week and that we could discuss our collaboration further then. We met at the chic Rivington Hotel and went to Katz Deli for dinner. We discussed the Cannes Film Festival, fashion photography, traveling through Thailand and our growing enthusiasm for progressive house music. We agreed that over the summer Chris would spend a few weeks living in my studio where we could edit the project, and begin working on future collaborations.  It took a long time to get this edited and off the ground, but we hope you enjoy the product of a new friendship and the Miami Music Week 2011.  

Without further ado, here is their short film:

Make sure to support Chris Roman on Facebook and Twitter, and follow Buddhatron on Blogspot.

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